Bar screen is a mechanical filter used to remove large objects such as rags and plastics from is part of the primary filtration flow and typically is the first or preliminary level of filtration, being installed at the influent to a waste water treatment plant. They typically consist of a series of vertical steel bars spaced between 1 and 3 inches apart.

Kavian Petrochemical Project
Bar Screen projects

Kavian Petrochemical Project

Project Name: Kavian Petrochemical Plant
Contract Number: 8-KA-2101
Main Contractor: Ariyan Tadbir
Client: Kavian Petrochemical
Duration Month(s): 12
Start Date: June 2011
Completion Date: June 2012
Location: Assaluyeh

Chabahar Port Bar Screen
Bar Screen projects

Chabahar Port Bar Screen

Project Name: Chabahar Port
Contract Number: 6256-9001
Main Contractor: Sazeh Pardazan
Client: Omran Sahel
Duration Month(s): 6
Start Date: September 2018
Completion Date: March 2019
Location: Chabahar