Stop log is an on/off valve which is used for rectangle channel .for decreasing of lifting force, by pass valve would be used.
The stop logs are designed to isolate the whole basin Or the part of channels. This equipment are made welded construction which Fabricated from Steel Plate and rolled Steel section. Sealing would be secured by Flexible neoprene Seal around the stop log. Seal shape would be designed accordance with project specification.

Shirin Dareh Dam Penstock
Penstock projects

Shirin Dareh Dam Penstock Project

Project Name: Shirindareh Dam
Contract Number: 901710
Main Contractor: Ariyan Tadbir
Client: Khorasan Water Auth. Co.
Duration Month(s): 12
Start Date: August 2009
Completion Date: August 2010
Location: Golestan Provence